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Psychotherapist & Mental Health Counselling in Gillingham

Traumatic events like bullying, violence, harassment, or abuse can significantly impact your quality of life. Not only can traumatic events shape the way you perceive experiences, but they also affect your approach towards day-to-day problems. Getting professional help is integral to restoring harmony and moving ahead with optimism.

I am a mental health counsellor specialising in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, offering expert guidance for those in need. As a medical practitioner in the field for several years, I understand how debilitating it can be to cope with unaddressed trauma. That is why my mental health counselling is designed to provide an open platform for clients to help them identify the root cause of their problems.

Each session combines analytic hypnosis with psychotherapy to equip clients to identify, accept, and address their issues. This safe and effective method empowers clients to finally move on from suppressed desires, traumas, and coping mechanisms. If you have been looking for hypnotherapy near you, contact me today to book an appointment. Dial 07557 357814 68 or email at


Living in Rainham Kent I am only 10 minutes away from all major routes and can easily be reached by rail,road or bus. Free parking is also available.

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