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Stuck in negative thinking?

Always worring or thinking the worst? Here's why....... Your brian is WIRED to focus on the negative this is called "negative bias" this was vital thousands of years ago when we were hunter gatherers to keep us aware of any potential dangers or threats. It produced stress hormones to help us focus.

How to change this.....

"NEURONS THAT FIRE TOGETHER WIRE TOGETHER" The brain is not fixed, it adapts to change and experience, the more positive thoughts the thicker the wire. Remember the good stuff, finding the silver lining. The more you do the stronger the shift towards positve thinking and the more automatic it becomes.

Change can begin to happen in just a week!! Practicing just once a day will make a difference.

Whats going on in your brain?.....

Every thought produces a chemical. Positive thoughts, ideas, dreams or memories decrease cortisol levels and the brain also produces serotonin. This will make you feel happier and less stressed. It is impossible to be sad and happy at the same time!

If you smile in the mirror at yourself, even if it is not a genuine smile, your brain will recognise this as happiness !!!

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