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What is Analytical Hypnosis and how is it different? 

How will I feel?

When in hypnosis you will feel calm and deeply relaxed, but always in control. It allows the therapist and patient to access the subconscious mind (remember the iceberg picuture) to gain insight into and knowledge of your inner self. You can always stop at anytime and you will not do or say anything you do not want to.


Why is it different?

Analytical Hypnotherapy will enable change within the unconscious mind and allow new responses, attitudes, behaviours and feelings to emerge. This releases you to be free of your emotional and psychological issues and able to live more fully.

This type of therapy is extremely thorough and potentially life changing, your unresolved anxieties, trauma and symptoms can be tackled and resolved.

Clinical hypnosis uses suggestion therapy, which can help a client to do something they already really want to, like public speaking, however it cannot address deep seated issues you may not even be aware of.

Analytical Hypnotherapy can equally be applied to relatively simple problems for which hypnotherapy is commonly known for, such as weight control, smoking cessation and pain management.


How will it help?

I use psychotherapy and hypnosis together and focus on dealing with your underlying originating cause. This means not just treating your symptoms superficially or providing a method of coping with life’s problems, but actually handling cases of intense psychological malaise by resolving dilemmas naturally and effortlessly at the root of the problem.

Some symptoms it is used to help with are really deep-seated fears and anxieties, habit disorders, low confidence, stress and post-traumatic stress, relationship difficulties, grief or bereavement issues and the devastating effects of childhood abuse, neglect and abandonment.


It is now widely accepted and proven that we are much more than just our conscious mind, which makes up just 10% the other 90% is our unconscious mind and it is this part of you which holds the key to unlocking your unwanted behaviours, phobias and fears. 

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